An unavoidable member of every family is chocolate, all types of chocolate - whether children's, dark chocolate or cooking chocolate. Research has shown that the consumption of cooking chocolate in the holidays […]

Cooking chocolate is an indispensable ingredient in your sweet little delicacies that will delight the whole family. It contains 42% cocoa parts, and is especially intended for the preparation of desserts. Its structure and easy solubility make it ideal for making chocolate glazes and decorations.

Chocolate desserts will fix the day for many with that sweet satiety. Our moms and grandmas got us used to desserts by collecting recipes and creating their own cookbooks. A good dessert is a compliment to every housewife! Kumičićka's famous New Zagreb Cookbook also has a specialty about a delicious dessert with rice and chocolate, called Radetzky Reiss. On the same page there are also recipes for Rice on milk with foam and chocolate and for Cold rice with chocolate. The chocolate, grated as the middle layer in this dessert, melted in the oven and soaked with rice, reminiscent of the finest and first in the world chocolate with rice - Mikado

Chocolate and your family’s health

In addition to being a rich source of phosphorus that stimulates the maturation of erythrocytopoiesis cells (red blood cells) and a type of leukocytopoiesis cells (white blood cells), chocolate is a real magnesium mine that is necessary for the normal functioning of metabolic processes.

Chocolate of 100 grams contains approximately the required amount of magnesium per day. Radiological tests have shown that chocolate stimulates the passage of food through the intestines. Chocolate is very easy to digest, and contains stearic acid, a saturated fatty acid, which is broken down in the liver into oleic acid, the so-called good fat - which is usually found in the largest amount in olive oil.

Chocolate doesn’t make you fat!

Chocolate does not need to be eliminated from the diet, experts point out, although it contains sugar and fat. Overweight women, who ate two small meals based on dark chocolate each day, lost an average of about five pounds in four months.

Chocolate protects against stroke!

It has already been proven that chocolate protects against stroke, however, the latest research has shown that date chocolate also helps in recovery after a stroke.

After a stroke, signals between cells are weakened, and dark chocolate has the ingredient epicatechin, which amplifies those cellular signals.

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