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When it comes to chocolate, you know your child will eat it, because there are almost no younger or older children who don’t like sweets. It is often a question of when to give children [...]

When to give children chocolate?

There is no doubt that chocolate is nutritious, especially when you know when to give it to children. We usually give them to children between two meals, sometimes before meals. This is not the best time, because sugar and chocolate irritate the glands that secrete digestive juices, so the food that is eaten after that is left without enough juices, which are needed for proper digestion. Dark chocolate will not make your kids fat, and it will have a positive effect on the health of their little hearts. Don't worry, all this has been confirmed by experts from the Murdoch Children's Research Institute in Melbourne ...

Recommendation: It is recommended that chocolate be given to children immediately after a larger meal, because then it is easier to digest. They should not be given in the evening after the children have already brushed their teeth

Chocolate in pregnancy = happier children

Expectant mothers who enjoy chocolate during pregnancy have been shown to cope better with stress than mothers who did not enjoy chocolate during pregnancy. Most importantly, research has shown that children of pregnant women who were treated to chocolate during pregnancy are happier and laugh more often!

Chocolate is great for soothing coughs

Thanks to theobromine, chocolate soothes cough almost as well as codeine. Codeine is an ingredient in cough medicines. This chemical from chocolate is also responsible for the good feeling that remains after nibbling on chocolate, and reduces activity in the part of the brain that irritates the respiratory organs and most of the digestive system.

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