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Since 1921, we have not stopped listening to your chocolate wishes!

Originally croatian

Croatian quality

Monde Selection

Proof of superior quality for Zvečevo products.


Zvečevo is the chocolate you grew up with and the first rice chocolate in the world, copied by the whole world.

Zvečevo is more than a factory, more than a company: Zvečevo is a family member.

We created the first Mikado chocolate with rice in the world. It is world-famous and recognized, and is distributed in markets all over the world; in North America, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Germany, Hungary, and even Switzerland.

Zvečevo has built a strong position both on the domestic market and on the market of neighboring countries, thanks to other strong brands of chocolate and brands of alcoholic beverages. Proof of the top quality of Zvečevo products are numerous awards, recognitions in the country and abroad, hundreds of medals and decorations for product quality, and several gold medals of the World Institution for Quality Assessment - Monde Selection, Brussels.

Our mission is sweet! We want to sweeten your world, make you happier, attend your good moments, tender moments, beautify each of your birthday cake and gift - like a true friend or family member! We are with you when you are in love, excited, when you are showered with attention and when you are showered with it. Our mission is to be your little secret that fixes your day; a small piece that never disappoints. We are guided by the image of your happier life. Generations grow up with us. Let your child grow up with us too.

We are guided by the vision of satisfying your wishes, requirements and needs, without deviating from the quality and tradition to which we are accustomed. The principles of our business are sustainability, accountability and transparency. We are focused on expanding the range, modernizing packaging and conquering new export markets. We want to satisfy as many of our consumers as possible, and that is why we constantly monitor your behavior, wishes and needs. Understanding you is the basis for creating our products and offering top quality and value. We want to become a leading regional producer of confectionery and spirits, recognizable by traditional quality products.

Quality policy is the basis of business and company improvement. A high level of quality system is the basis of successful business, and a guarantee of satisfaction of our loyal customers. The company's plans are based on a new large investment cycle of modernization of production, in order to be competitive in the domestic and foreign markets. Quality management assurance is carried out according to the ISO 9001: 2000 standard (it is a reference standard, recognized worldwide, for the certification of quality management systems), and permanent health assurance of our products is carried out on the principles of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point). The goal of our company is to contribute its products to preserving human health, protecting the environment and improving the quality of life. If we offer a range of new products to the market tomorrow - it will be a reflection of our concern for our consumers, and the result of ever-present dynamics of work. These are the conditions for our sign to always be recognizable as a sign of tradition, quality and your trust. Your trust and your commitment to our products is our greatest reward. Only the best is good enough for you!
Zvečevo has always based its business on quality and tradition, but also on preserving the environment, so it enters the category of "clean technologies". The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Physical Planning of the Republic of Croatia awarded the Zveč Award "Croatian Oscar" in the category "Industry and Energy" in 2001. Zvečevo operates according to world standards, and as such - respects the preventive strategy of clean production.

May 16, 2015

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January 17, 2017

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Management Board

Strong moves of the Management Board clearly show the understanding of the affinity of the market of the future. We want our tradition and knowledge of chocolate production, and technological capabilities that keep pace with world standards, to merge into new flavors with the new design, chocolate Zvečevo.

Hrvoje Alvir

Ilija Karamatić
Board Member

Anđelko Jerković
President of the Board

Ante Gojević
Member of the Board

Luka Vukoja
Member of the Board

Anica Đurina
Member of the Board

Tomislav Bujanović


Goran Andrić, graduate engineer of food technology, was born on November 15, 1966. in Doboj, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He graduated in 1994 from the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology in Zagreb. He started his business career in "Šimić d.o.o." as an import officer. In 1996 he moved to Badel 1862 d.d. and passes positions from basement production manager, spirits production manager and strategic procurement manager. From 2004 he moved to Badel 1862 d.o.o. Belgrade to the position of manager of licensed production of spirits and director of the company. In 2010 he moved to Zvečevo d.d. to the position of director of the program of strong alcoholic beverages, then the director of the factory of alcoholic beverages, and in 2018 he will take over the position of director of production of confectionery and alcoholic beverages. In November 2019, he was appointed a member of the Management Board of Zvečeva d.d.

Krunoslav Alavir

Board Member

Krunoslav Alvir was born on January 30, 1974 in Bugojno, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He graduated from the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences in Zagreb in 1995. He started his business career in 1998 in Alvito d.o.o., in the position of assistant director for the organization of international transport. In 2002 he came to Zvečevo and worked as a field commercialist in the Zagreb region. He soon became the regional sales manager for the Zagreb region, and in 2004 he was promoted to director of procurement. In the period from 2005 to 2008, Mr. Alvir also chaired the Supervisory Board of Zvečevo d.d., and was promoted to the position of Commercial Director, and soon after became Executive Director of Sales and Marketing. In November 2019, he was appointed President of the Management Board of Zvečevo.

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