Wondering what women would never give up? The answer is - chocolate!

Chocolate and skin care

The Journal of Nutrition brings good news for the fairer sex. Your favorite women's dessert contains the antioxidants epicatechin and catechin, which help protect your skin. Research has shown that women who ate 326 milligrams of cocoa a day with a high flavanol content for 12 weeks had less sensitivity to UV rays, compared to women who ate only 27 milligrams a day. Likewise, women who have eaten more chocolate have smooth and hydrated skin. Of course, all this does NOT mean that you should immediately throw in your trash all your sunscreen and at noon walk nonchalantly to the beach with only chocolate.

Chocolate and sweet treats of a slightly different kind

A counterpart to the eternal question Which came first - the chicken or the egg? is what is better - chocolate or sex? According to scientific research, it turns out that the combination of the two mentioned things - the best option! Namely, a survey conducted in Milan on 200 respondents showed that women who eat chocolate every day are happier with their sex lives than those who give up chocolate. Melting chocolate in the mouth causes increased brain activity and heart rate, a feeling similar to that we have when passionately kissing.

Chocolate stimulates the production of serotonin. Serotonin reduces anxiety and affects good mood. Enjoying chocolate pleasures releases endorphins, which in turn evokes the feeling of happiness and satisfaction we have in a healthy sexual relationship. And information that will make many smile - chocolate contains phenylethylamine - which stimulates the production of dopamine, the secretion of which is directly related to pleasure after orgasm. Remember Nine and a half weeks ... and enjoy chocolate!

Eyes of love

We often hear that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder ... and that love for chocolate is recognized in the eyes, scientists at Drexel University have proven. Scientists have studied the reactions of the retina to light, and it has been shown that the retina emits incredibly strong signals when a person has a piece of chocolate in their mouth. The reaction of the retina is equally strong when the eye is exposed to strong light. Namely, the dilation of the pupils is caused by the release of dopamine, the hormone of happiness in the brain. It turned out that the reaction is the same when enjoying chocolate, and when feeling strong love.

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