These milk chocolates have a high proportion of milk of the highest quality, and carefully selected ingredients are used for their production, and everything is of course processed according to the special Zvečevo process. Cute children's characters are real symbols of Zvečevo milk chocolate, which irresistibly remind us all of childhood. These chocolates they are intended for children and athletes, mountaineers and all generations for a good mood and top form!

Did you know?

Seka and Braco chocolates have been part of the memory of the whole of Croatia since the early 60s of the happy and smiling faces of girls and boys eating fine chocolate. The same Braco and Seka are still happily smiling from the packaging of the oldest living Croatian chocolate brand, only in a new, more modern guise.

Seka & Braco Family pack 250 g

Although Seka i Braco is celebrated as milk chocolate and you can still find it on the shelves as such, it now also comes in chocolate bars, as a treat for the whole family!

The characters of Seka and Brace have taken on different forms over the years, and this time they were presented through a short comic that depicts a typical, fun and warm brother-sister story.

Prutići come in four irresistible flavors, which will delight even the most demanding palates. One of them is the inevitable Milky, a stick with a creamy milk filling, then irresistible melting caramel and rich and juicy coconut, while the last stick perfectly combines silky caramel with delicious crunchy peanuts.

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