Balm for the palate! When a beneficial effect on health is added to the phenomenal and completely unique taste, we get MIKADO DARK CHOCOLATE. Excellent solubility and innovative combinations of ingredients come in three irresistible flavors: cocoa, orange and cranberry. MIKADO EXCLUSIVE chocolate with a minimum of 72 % cocoa pieces has a distinctive aroma and a positive effect on health and the general state of the body. Thanks to the high proportion of cocoa, which has been a precious food since ancient times, all the good properties of dark chocolate come to the fore. Here are just a few: it contains more antioxidants than milk, because it has a higher proportion of cocoa and has fewer calories and is rich in fiber, so it is suitable even for people who want to lose weight. So, don't feel guilty, on the contrary, indulge yourself and "go to the dark side of chocolate". A few cubes a day can make your life a lot better!

In the range of dark chocolates, excellent chocolate has taken its place MIKADO DARK CHOCO MOUSSE chocolate. The harmony offered by the unique combination of creamy dark chocolate and fruit will satisfy even the most demanding chocoholics. Indulge in the intoxicating flavors of raspberry, blueberry or orange in premium chocolates because they are not just an excellent product. Chocolate is life, love and passion!

Did you know?

Scientists have found that dark chocolate increases the level of antioxidants in the blood, contains phenols and flavonoids, which "hunt" free radicals and slow down the aging of the body. So, in addition to pleasing the palate, by consuming 50 g of dark chocolate, we also satisfy the daily need for phenols. Dark chocolate also contains over 400 active ingredients that help maintain health and feel better.

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